Connie Causa

Connie Causa

Connie is the founder of Vimana Aerial Yoga, a unique project that fusions her love for the yoga, outdoors, festivals, slacklining and heights. She has been practicing yoga since 2003 and hasn't stop ever since, she currently teaches hatha and aerial yoga at Eastwest Yoga in Auckland and during the summer season she travels doing workshops at different music/art/dance/life festivals around New Zealand. 

With her background as a professional canyoning guide in New Zealand and mountaineering in Chile, she has the technical skills to take the hammocks wherever she goes. Setting them up in the most amazing places to enjoy an aerial yoga session hanging from a tree, from a teepee structure, over the river, or at the beach.... her life goal is to promote a conscious life around yoga, people and nature.

Aerial yoga comes from the adaptation of Iyengar yoga (hatha yoga that sometimes uses props for structural alignment of the posture) and western modern life. It evolves to a new type of yoga using a hammock to enhance traditional yoga postures by holding the body weight either partially, or fully, so you can attempt different postures in a safe and fun way. This is a wonderful tool to teach students how to align their bodies within a variety of postures and experiencing the benefits of inversions without any compression on the spine. All levels of experience welcome. No previous aerial, acrobatic, or yoga experience is necessary.

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