Duncan Peak

Duncan Peak

Duncan Peak is the founder of Power Living Australia Yoga. P.L.A.Y is one of Australia’s largest contemporary Yoga communities, which has created an inspirational yoga practice suitable for today’s world. Over the last decade Duncan has dedicated his time to pioneering the introduction of the Power Vinyasa Yoga practise to Australian shores and to creating P.L.A.Y - a business that through its thriving studios and transformational programs touches and inspires thousands of people each week.

The first P.L.A.Y studio was opened on Sydney’s North Shore in 2005. Nearly eight years on P.L.A.Y has grown to include three Power Living owned studios across Sydney, two studios in Melbourne, as well as affiliate studios and Licensee’s throughout Australia and New Zealand. P.L.A.Y offers highly regarded international teacher training programs with hundreds of graduates globally. Duncan personally facilitates retreats and teacher training around the globe and has developed world-class products including a number of practice CDs and DVDs along with publishing his book Modern Yoga in 2013.

Duncan was introduced to yoga at the age of 14. During his teenage years through the study of yoga, meditation and various martial arts he established a connection to a spiritual presence within. This encouraged him to question his purpose in life. From a rebellious teenager to spiritual warrior, his journey is somewhat unique, inspired by grief, personal hardships and the triumph over many obstacles in his life.

Duncan’s classes take any budding yogi on a powerful practice journey, deep into a physical presence that leads them to question and understand their own mind (Manas & Buddhi), their ingrained belief systems (Samskara & Vasana) and an experience of the inner witness (Purusha/Shakshin). Duncan personally encourages us to artistically create the character in our life but balance this with spending time in stillness to experience you well beyond the little ego identity. Duncan’s teachings blend contemporary Vinyasa Yoga with ancient philosophical Vedic wisdom that is relevant and accessible to anyone wanting to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually in today’s world.

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